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Chariots Of Fire To The End

Eric Liddell was getting ready to stand in front of hundreds of eager listeners in Scots Kirk on Rue Bayard. He had been invited to speak, and while the most of the media ignored the news, one reporter that went

Mount Up With Wings

Thirteen-year-old Floyd Cunningham was putting wood in the pot-belly stove of their one room school house. Nine-year-old Raymond and 7-year-old Glenn were writing on the chalk board. Despite the cold Kansas weather that morning, their 11-year-old sister, Letha, was swinging

Body and Mind

“Look at all that meat,” said Daniel to Hananiah. They were among hundreds of boys that had been gathered from the Babylonian kingdom, which recently included the former Kingdom of Judah where Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah used to live.