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The Summary View

In the summer of 1774, 31-year-old Thomas Jefferson worked hurriedly in his house at Monticello. The weather was sunny and clear, but he was worried about the storm clouds he and other continental leaders saw coming. He was a representative

Barriers are stepping stones

Ever since I was young, I have been fascinated by stories of people that beat the odds and accomplished something amazing. Recently, I have been posting short stories about people that from the outside looking in seem to have some

Act Now or Abandon Hope

April 18, 1836 “Bring them here,” ordered Sam Houston, the general of the Texas revolution army. Erasmus “Deaf” Smith and Henry Karnes escorted the two Mexican prisoners towards Sam. They had been captured shortly after Sam and the Texas Revolution

Satisfaction of Conscience

James Cash Penney was straightening stock in the back of a dry goods store in Hamilton, MO, in the summer of 1895. He was sulking in the back because two of his associates at the store had taken his customers

Mount Up With Wings

Thirteen-year-old Floyd Cunningham was putting wood in the pot-belly stove of their one room school house. Nine-year-old Raymond and 7-year-old Glenn were writing on the chalk board. Despite the cold Kansas weather that morning, their 11-year-old sister, Letha, was swinging

Count your blessings

Count Your Blessings “That sure was a difficult conversation,” Tim Ferriss said to himself. He had just talked to his parents about why a how-to-commit-suicide book had been checked out at the Princeton library. He was living near the campus