My First Book Signing

Ryan speaking to group

Today was a milestone for me. I had my first book signing.

It was a humble beginning as book signings go, but I still think it was a success. The reasons why go back to the things I put on this blog each week.

My vision is to become a professional author that helps his readers learn the impact of good choices and how to realize their destiny. In order to get my name out there I need to get in front of new people. In going to a book signing at an assisted living home, I not only get an experience I hope to build on, but I get to help people and share my story with new people. It’s a step towards my goal.

Girl with three senior citizens

Practice Positive Habits and Be Proactive
I don’t know if you have ever tried to start something from scratch, but it’s an uphill battle. I thought that going to assisted living homes was a good place for my book. It has potential, but not much has happened so far. However, absolutely nothing would have happened if I wasn’t out visiting with people and following up with them. Each time I get up the nerve to speak to people about my book, share my story, and follow-up with contacts, I build stronger habits and open doors that used to be closed.

I had a book to sell, but I wanted to go and visit with the sweet people at the assisted living home. I wanted to give them a little variety in their day. They enjoyed it and asked us to come back. Not only were we able to give away some books and photos, we also gave smiles, hugs and laughs. The best kind of service.Boy with senior citizen

Build a Winning Team
I didn’t go alone today. I took my family with me. I took them for two reasons. First, I know that the seniors that live there sometimes get lonely. They want to have someone to talk to, but many hours each day are spent either alone or with the same older folks they always see. They love kids, so I wanted to bring my kids and wife so they could visit with and brighten these people’s day more than I could alone. My second reason was to give me strength. Some people think it’s easy for me to get up in front of people. While it’s easier for me than others, it’s very helpful to have familiar faces in the crowd as you do something for the first time.

Develop a Champion’s Mindset
I went in believing in myself and my preparation. I believe the next book signing will be better and I will be better prepared. I am not the champion I want to become yet, but I still believe in myself. It’s a mindset more than a destination, because you have to be willing to roll with what comes, and make the most of what you are given. It’s not about beating others, but improving personally each day as you work towards your goal.

Boy with senior citizen 2

Turn Adversity into Advantage
I love to visit with older people because they have learned a lot in this life. I believe it’s important to learn as much as you can in this life and have meaningful experiences. Experiences teach us a lot, but life is too short to learn everything from our own experiences. You need to learn from others. That’s why I love to talk with people. I want to learn from their experiences as well. It helps me turn their adversity into my advantage by learning from my elders. (Youngers can teach you much as well. 🙂 )


I started writing short stories in elementary school, starting with a short story about twin track athletes. In college, I wrote for the college newspaper and studied communications. My first job out of college was with a magazine as an assistant editor, where I started a comic strip called City Boy. My first published work, was a short essay entitled, Dream with Me, published in “The Art of Service” booklet put out by the Thayne Center for Service and Learning. I also published a three part series for families called “Family Parables – Wise Man Foolish Man.” This set is designed to be used by families to create discussion and learning as a family. I soon will publish my first novel, Love Like Alzheimer’s, a story of a family that is learning to love deeper as their beloved grandmother struggles with Alzheimer’s disease.

5 thoughts on “My First Book Signing
  1. Alan Curtis says:

    Congratulations Ryan. You are leading by example.

  2. Barbara says:

    I want you to know that I am enjoying your blog. With all of the depression and negativity around us all, I like that you are spreading positivity every week! Thank you!

  3. C. Russ says:

    It looks like much was gained by all! Thanks for sharing your acts of bravery Ryan, it is uplifting!

  4. Aaron Hansen says:

    I’m getting ready to start this book. You are a true inspiration Brother Curtis!

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