Ideal Mother

This is a break from my normal blog posts, but I hope you enjoy this poem I wrote for Mother’s Day.Mom and Baby

The Ideal Mother

Some women think they must be,
Simply perfect and have a perfect family.

They want a certain home and life,
They think they must be the perfect wife.

But life isn’t perfect, it’s only in dreams,
The ideal woman is an illusion it seems.

However, when we remember why we are here,
God’s plan helps to make the ideal more clear.

Every child comes with unique gifts and traits,
So their needs are different, both small and great.

Consider how God, in his infinite wisdom,
Orchestrated when and to whom each child would come.

Your gifts and strengths are ideal for their needs,
Suited to soothe each fear, and heal what bleeds.

The world may say you must be like another,
But in God’s eyes and for your kids, you are the ideal mother.


I started writing short stories in elementary school, starting with a short story about twin track athletes. In college, I wrote for the college newspaper and studied communications. My first job out of college was with a magazine as an assistant editor, where I started a comic strip called City Boy. My first published work, was a short essay entitled, Dream with Me, published in “The Art of Service” booklet put out by the Thayne Center for Service and Learning. I also published a three part series for families called “Family Parables – Wise Man Foolish Man.” This set is designed to be used by families to create discussion and learning as a family. I soon will publish my first novel, Love Like Alzheimer’s, a story of a family that is learning to love deeper as their beloved grandmother struggles with Alzheimer’s disease.

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  1. I’m happy to have stumbled on your blog. Looking forward to reading more posts!

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