Challenging Your Confidence

Studio C cast

The cast of Studio C recently took part in an international face-to-face event hosted by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

In a recent world-wide internet event, cast members of the hit comedy show, Studio C, were interviewed and asked questions by teenagers. They were asked about sadness, self-confidence, maintaining beliefs in school, and more.

If you don’t know what Studio C is, I will briefly explain. Studio C creates comedy that is appropriate for the whole family. They started as a stage act in Provo, UT, but became a weekly, hour-long comedy show on BYUTV in 2012. They have many videos online that have been watched more than 10 million times. (This one is pushing 48,000,000 views)

The cast is young. Almost all of them graduated in something unrelated to theater or acting. So how did they get to be so successful? They surrounded themselves with encouraging friends, kept their focus, and believed in themselves.

But as I watched this video of the event, I was struck with how they struggle with self-confidence.

Mallory, one of the cast members, has some of the craziest and wildest faces/characters in the group. When you see her and the other cast members, you think, ‘they must be confident all the time.’ And yet, she shared this personal insight.

“I am not that confident,” Mallory says. The audience laughs.

The follow-up questions is, “How do you overcome that?”

“I have full-on stage fright,” Mallory explains. “Do you guys know the Dungeons and Dragons sketch? (Here is a link) I was in tears, right up until I walked out on stage. I get really stressed and really anxious. I’ve always been kind of a neurotic, stressed kind of person. Over this process (of creating Studio C sketches), I’ve felt very blessed because I’ve been forced to deal with stage fright. I feel like it applies to all types of fear. Fear is very paralyzing and it never makes me any better at what I do. I’ve been forced to learn a lot of lessons, like ‘I’m feeling scared right now. What can I do to remind myself that everything will be OK.’

“I feel like that applies to life,” she continues. “Fear will never ever be positive. So whatever I can do, or you can do, to find hope in your daily life is the only way [you will overcome fear.] Any time you are functioning with self-doubt or fear, or thoughts like that, they won’t make you funnier, they won’t make you more talented, they won’t make you smarter. But thoughts like, ‘It will be OK,’ ‘I’m going to do my best,’ or ‘failure is not the end of the world’ [will help you overcome fear.]

Another one of the cast members, Jason Grey, said, “Something that’s helped me a lot is this group is so supportive of each other. I’m not naturally outgoing. I was the shyest kid growing up. Teachers that I Facebook now are shocked that I’m doing this for a living. But this group is so good. They are so positive with their feedback. When you have good friends supporting you and giving you those positive vibes, you really feel like you can do anything.”

For you:

So when I talk about believing in yourself to achieve greatness, I know it may seem impossible for some people. I’d be lying if I said I don’t struggle with it myself at times. But as Mallory said, those fears and anxieties, don’t help you do your best. So what do you do?

Find something that gives you hope.

I find hope in Jesus Christ. I also find hope in a solid vision of what I need to accomplish. If you don’t feel strongly about something, it will be hard to continue when those fears arise. But you don’t have to quit because it gets hard. You may need to shift focus from you and your weaknesses, to why you want to accomplish your vision. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth believing in yourself to give it your best shot.

What gives you hope? What motivates you when you start to feel scared or anxious? Leave a comment below.

Also pay attention to the people surrounding you. Are they building you up, or tearing you down? Are you building up others, or tearing them down?


I started writing short stories in elementary school, starting with a short story about twin track athletes. In college, I wrote for the college newspaper and studied communications. My first job out of college was with a magazine as an assistant editor, where I started a comic strip called City Boy. My first published work, was a short essay entitled, Dream with Me, published in “The Art of Service” booklet put out by the Thayne Center for Service and Learning. I also published a three part series for families called “Family Parables – Wise Man Foolish Man.” This set is designed to be used by families to create discussion and learning as a family. I soon will publish my first novel, Love Like Alzheimer’s, a story of a family that is learning to love deeper as their beloved grandmother struggles with Alzheimer’s disease.

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