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Why Read Love Like Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease affects more than 5.2 million Americans, and millions more around the world.

While the individual with the disease suffers loss of memory, motor skills and speech, the family and caregiver(s) watch helplessly as their loved one is slowly and painfully removed from their lives.

You aren’t quite helpless though.

You can choose to live with Alzheimer’s disease by coping and making the most out of every day.

Love Like Alzheimer’s is an intimate look at how a young couple, struggling with their own marital problems, is impacted by the diagnosis of a dear grandparent. At first they would rather ignore the grandparents, preferring to just remember the good days. As they get involved in helping care for the dying grandmother, they learn how to love deeper; not only in their love for grandma, but also in their love for each other.

Want a sneak peek inside before you buy? Click here to read chapters 1-3.

This is what other readers are saying about Love Like Alzheimer’s.

“I have lost both of my grandfathers after they fought battles with Alzheimer’s. This story about a fictional couple and their family who help each other during their trying times is a very accurate portrayal of what frequently happens with Alzheimer’s.”

– Barbara LaMunyon, Love Like Alzheimer’s reader

“My mother has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, so I read this book with a lot of attachment to each of the characters. I appreciated not only the great story of the example of true love shown by the elderly couple, but also the young couple and their choice.”

– Kelschman, Love Like Alzheimer’s reader

Buy your copy of Love Like Alzheimer’s on Amazon either as a paperback, or an ebook. It makes a good gift for the family of caregivers as it describes how to cope, what to expect and the stresses of caregivers.

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