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Love Like Alzheimer’s

Love Like Alzheimer'sJeff would rather remember his grandmother like she was before Alzheimer’s disease. His busy schedule leaves little time to see how grandma and grandpa are doing anyway. When he gets a call from his dad, to step up and help, Jeff and his wife, Amber, begin a journey through an unforgiving disease and the heartache of families caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease.
Without realizing it, Jeff learns to love his grandma, grandpa, and wife deeper. When Jeff and Amber seize the opportunities to serve and love, despite their busy schedules, they find peace and strength in their own marriage. What begins as a chore, ends as a labor of love they wouldn’t trade.
This book is a great resource for young adults who have learned that a loved one has Alzheimer’s disease. It not only shows what can be expected, it also gives an entertaining perspective of how an Alzheimer’s diagnosis can impact the families – and how to cope with it positively.

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Here is what early readers have said about the book.

“In his book, Ryan Curtis shows great sensitivity to the varying emotions that a family travels through as they care for a family member who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. As the extended family members adjust their lives to this new phase, we see what a grandson and his new wife, who are facing their own struggles in their young marriage, experience as they learn what love for family is. The reader will be touched with recognition and empathy as he follows this family as they are learning to deal with their challenges. And those readers who are traveling this path with their own families will appreciate and acknowledge the struggles and tough decisions that had to be made. In the end, the story shows that a family who sacrifices for a loved one grows in their ability to love.”

– Carol Bigler, Florida

Love Like Alzheimer’s is a compelling story about the challenges one family experiences as they struggle with the effects of this heartbreaking disease. More than just insightful and informative, Ryan Curtis’s book inspires the reader to be more patient, understanding, and loving to others, and to treat people with respect and dignity. I finished the book determined not only to be a more selfless husband and father, but a better member of the human family.”

– Nate Judd, New York

“I loved the Book! I seriously had a hard time putting it down. I read during every spare moment I had and many moments that were not spare, that I should have been doing something else. I just finished the last page at 12:21AM, which is rare because I generally get pretty tired late at night and I fall asleep when I am reading. I read pretty slow in the first place, so this says a lot about how easy this was to read and how it flowed and kept my interest and attention.

“Overall I thought it was a very tender, loving, informative and well written story. I felt like the characters were well-developed and it was easy to follow. I really enjoyed the flow, the emotion, the struggle and growth that happened before my eyes. Okay, you made me tear up on multiple occasions throughout the book. I am looking forward to your next book.”

– Brad Curtis, Utah