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Faith Through The Darkness

When Jacob drops his phone in the dirt, it turns into a life-flight to Arkansas Children’s Hospital and a single mother following close behind praying she doesn’t miss her 10-year-old son’s last breath. Based on a true story, Faith Through the Darkness is a riveting tale of one mother’s struggle to save her son’s life. She finds strength through faith, prayer and community, but is it enough for a miracle?

Faith Through The Darkness will take you on a heart-wrenching journey that will leave you rooting for Amanda and thrilled by the turn of events.

God has a plan. When you see how he makes things happen in your life or the lives of others, you will be amazed.

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What are early readers saying about Faith Through The Darkness …

Faith Through the Darkness is a true story of one child’s tragic accident that strengthens a family’s faith and reliance on God.  Follow Amanda and her children as they live God’s unfolding grace to rejoice in hope.

This story is REAL!  The reality of day-to-day REAL despair, REAL confusion, REAL doubt, and then seeing God’s REAL unwavering love and blessings.

You will be exhausted from the journey and blessed through it all.

– Tammie Stutts – Farm mother, safety volunteer and community advocate in Northern Louisiana

Based on an inspiring story of love, faith, and trust, Faith Through the Darkness encourages people everywhere to recognize the good in every situation – even when it seems impossible to find it. Embedded in the depth of its pages is a message of hope, that if allowed to, will truly change the way life is viewed, and will cause the miracle of God’s light to enter one’s life.

– Jessica Shelton – Missionary to the people in Brazil