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Faith Through The Darkness

A phone in the dirt turns into a life-flight to Arkansas Children’s Hospital and a single mother following close behind praying she doesn’t miss her 10-year-old son’s last breath. Based on a true story, Faith Through the Darkness is a riveting story of a single mother’s struggle to save her son’s life. She finds strength through faith, prayer and community, but is it enough for a miracle?

Faith Through The Darkness will take you on a heart-wrenching journey that will leave you rooting for Amanda and thrilled by the turn of events. God has a plan. When you see how he makes things happen in your life or the lives of others, you will be amazed.

To be released June 22, 2017

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Love Like Alzheimer’s

Jeff would rather remember his grandmother like she was before Alzheimer’s disease. His busy schedule leaves little time to see how grandma and grandpa are doing anyway. When he gets a call from his dad, to step up and help, Jeff and his wife, Amber, begin a journey through an unforgiving disease and the heartache of families caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease.
Without realizing it, Jeff learns to love his grandma, grandpa, and wife deeper. When Jeff and Amber seize the opportunities to serve and love, despite their busy schedules, they find peace and strength in their own marriage. What begins as a chore, ends as a labor of love they wouldn’t trade.

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Choose Greatness

The “American Dream,” is a glorious and wonderful vision. However, the “American Reality” is that it takes hard work and a plan to get your dream. Bring your dream and I will help you develop a plan.

Choose Greatness: 7 Steps to Reach Any Goal is a road map of seven choices you need to make in order to accomplish your dreams. You will learn from seven stories that illustrate the choices and how to apply them to your life and situation. The book includes a link to 7 worksheets you will fill out as you read the book.

The book and worksheets are free!

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Family Parables

Judge Not

Mike, Bethany, and their four kids have an eventful first day of school, complete with bullies, teasing and stolen pages. They learn to deal with their problem from the Wise Man Foolish Man parable. Families can read this short story in a night and discuss how they can apply the principles. It can easily apply to families with young children as well as teenagers.

This short story has a companion book, Do Unto Others. While the parents read Judge Not, their teenage kids can read Do Unto Others. After they are done, they can come together and discuss what they learned and how it applies to their lives.


Do Unto Others

Middle School can be rough, especially the first day.
Not only was Rebecca teased by the older boys, but her older brother Christian just watched it happen. Read how Christian and Rebecca learn to treat others how they want to be treated and overcome their struggles by applying the Wise Man Foolish Man parable.
This is the teenager book in the Wise Man Foolish Man parables set. Judge not is the same story from the parent’s perspective. The hope is that parent’s and teens will discuss the story and start their own conversations about what’s going on in their own lives.