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Barriers are stepping stones

Ever since I was young, I have been fascinated by stories of people that beat the odds and accomplished something amazing. Recently, I have been posting short stories about people that from the outside looking in seem to have some

Changing Tide of Jamestown

On a summer morning in June 1610, 60 skinny and malnourished people aboard two ships, the Deliverance and Patience, looked east toward England. They were all that was left of more than 500 English settlers that had come to the

Joan The Maid

            A cheer could be heard in the enemy camp across the river from Orleans, France. The English troops stationed in the Tourelles stronghold across the river from Orleans had heard about a woman leading

Walking With The Poor

Agnes Bojaxhiu had spent more than 8 hours walking among the poor and dying in northeast India. Like most days, she started by teaching kids how to read, though they had little more than a scrape of cloth wrapped around

Challenging Your Confidence

In a recent world-wide internet event, cast members of the hit comedy show, Studio C, were interviewed and asked questions by teenagers. They were asked about sadness, self-confidence, maintaining beliefs in school, and more. If you don’t know what Studio