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Act Now or Abandon Hope

April 18, 1836 “Bring them here,” ordered Sam Houston, the general of the Texas revolution army. Erasmus “Deaf” Smith and Henry Karnes escorted the two Mexican prisoners towards Sam. They had been captured shortly after Sam and the Texas Revolution

Chariots Of Fire To The End

Eric Liddell was getting ready to stand in front of hundreds of eager listeners in Scots Kirk on Rue Bayard. He had been invited to speak, and while the most of the media ignored the news, one reporter that went

My First Book Signing

Today was a milestone for me. I had my first book signing. It was a humble beginning as book signings go, but I still think it was a success. The reasons why go back to the things I put on

Yellow Jack

Major Walter Reed stroked his brown mustache as he sat in his headquarters in Havana, Cuba. It was August 1900 and 48-year-old Walter had to solve a vexing problem: What was causing Yellow Fever, or commonly called Yellow Jack? And