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Believing in the Tornado

Louie Zamperini lay on the in-field turf at the 1936 Olympic trials in New York City. It was a scorching +100 degrees in the new stadium on Randall’s Island. Louie, like all the other athletes, had been struggling through a

Arise and Go

The sun shown down on a group of travelers going north on a road in the arid Middle East. Saul was the leader of the group and he had special power given to him from the elders in Jerusalem to

Stopping the Child Killer

Dr. Jonas Salk was sitting in a community park in Pittsburgh, where he had lived and worked since the fall of 1947. He was employed by the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, where he led a research lab. The

Satisfaction of Conscience

James Cash Penney was straightening stock in the back of a dry goods store in Hamilton, MO, in the summer of 1895. He was sulking in the back because two of his associates at the store had taken his customers